Illinois Wildlife Control Operator's Association
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First, the professional must have the highest possible technical standards. This includes performing to the best of your abilities and standing behind your work.

It includes turning down a job or referring it to another technical expert whenever your skills are not appropriate or sufficient. It includes seeking out educational opportunities to continuously upgrade your skills. This is what I.W.C.O.A. stands for.

Here is our code of ethics.

1. I.W.C.O.A.

  Members will adhere to all laws and regulations pertaining to wildlife damage management.
2. I.W.C.O.A.

  Members will ascribe to a professional code of conduct that embodies the traits of honesty, sincerity and dedication.
3. I.W.C.O.A.

  Members will show exceptionally high levels of concern and respect for people, property and wildlife.
4. I.W.C.O.A.

  Members will promote the understanding and appreciation of the numerous values of wildlife and scientific wildlife management, as well as an appreciation for the economic and health concerns of humans adversely affected by wildlife.
5. I.W.C.O.A.

  Members will be sensitive to the various viewpoints on wildlife damage management.
6. I.W.C.O.A.

  Members will provide expertise on managing wildlife damage to their clientele upon request, within the limits of their experience, ability and legal authority.
7. I.W.C.O.A.

  Members will promote competence and present an image worthy of the profession by supporting high standards of education, employment and performance.
8. I.W.C.O.A.

  Members will strive to broaden their knowledge, skills and abilities to advance the practice of commercial wildlife damage management.
9. I.W.C.O.A.

  Members will, in good faith, select new or time proven methods for resolving wildlife damage conflicts and give due consideration to humaneness, selectivity, effectiveness and practicality.
10. I.W.C.O.A.

  Members will treat their competition and clientele in a courteous manner and in accordance with honorable business practices.
11. I.W.C.O.A.

  Members will encourage, through word and through deed, all commercial wildlife control operators to adhere to this code and to participate in state associations of commercial wildlife control operators.
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